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Who We Are

Management Advice International Ltd. is a management consulting firm that specializes in upgrading our clients business by building management teams or providing practical management consulting support. Our primary mission is to locate and attract top talent for our clients. We are a team of seasoned professionals who are committed to helping clients with issues of management, leadership and human resources. Through our shared partnership with client companies, we help our clients grow their business and achieve corporate goals. The company's overall objective is to assist clients in attaining success by helping them to build exceptional management teams be it through hiring or acquisition.

The professional staff at Management Advice possess a broad range of depth and expertise in a wide variety of industries and functional areas. We bring our personal private sector experience to the table in addition to many years in the consulting industry. This rounds out our comprehensive understanding of the business world and the marketplace in which it exists. Our combined experience allows us to succeed in our primary mission - to locate and attract top talent for our clients. Our competence is in finding the right mix of talent and "fit" with each client's unique organizational culture.

Our specialty is in our creative approach. Our broad ranging network allows us to locate strategic minded, capable professionals who are functional experts with a general management overview. We believe that this mindset is an immeasurable asset for every manager. In today's constantly changing business world, most corporations need maximum flexibility. Success and growth require an understanding of the big picture as well as functional expertise. That is, an understanding of the entire organization and how it all fits together to meet the needs of the business. A general management orientation lends itself to strategic thinking and fast response, regardless of an individual's specific area of competence.

We pride ourselves on providing clients with a measurable difference in service. Meeting client needs and exceeding expectations through understanding, cooperation, flexibility and superior customer service is our commitment to the client partnership. We do this in a timely manner, in the most cost effective way possible and with an emphasis on results.

Recruiting Leaders for Winning Teams


The professionals at Management Advice provide clients with exceptional depth and expertise in a variety of industries and functional areas. Because our primary mission is to help our clients build their organizations through excellent management teams, we are committed to the highest standards of quality. We do this through:

Our Approach

Understanding Your Uniqueness

Your company, its needs and opportunities, are unique. Most importantly, we believe that it is almost impossible to spend too much time educating ourselves about your organization - the hierarchy, culture, management style and needs. The more people we can meet within your organization in order to understand it, the better the results.

Global Reach

We are an information age executive search firm and therefore our reach is truly global. Through comprehensive and intelligent use of tools like the Internet, every search can be tailored to your skill and competence requirements, as well as geographic preferences (be they local, national or international).

What Sets Us Apart?

Our job is to be experts on the marketplace as it relates to your industry. Our job is not just to find people who meet the requirements of the position or to stop once we have found one good person. We survey the marketplace and identify the best talent available so you have a choice. Our role is to find you outstanding candidates for your team. This marketplace information enables you to:

Creative Research

The time spent getting to know your firm allows us to formulate our creative approach to solving your human resource needs. We believe we are an innovator in executive search. We recognize the uniqueness of every client. Since we've spent considerable time understanding the environment, we are in a good position to know what to look for in a candidate and how to quickly and accurately identify the appropriate people and characteristics for the position.

Customer Service

As a firm, we understand and respect the privileged relationship we have with our clients. We recognize our responsibility to deliver results. We pride ourselves on our service orientation as evidenced through:


We are a medium sized executive search firm. That means that we are hands on and efficient. The people you meet actually do the work. We meet every candidate and aim to have an in-depth knowledge of our clients' business.


Collectively, our Partners have diverse backgrounds and experience. Bringing this varied experience to the table for every assignment has a marked effect on our ability to find creative solutions that are successful for our clients.

Our Quality Guarantee